• prototype photographs

    This section contains a sampling of the hundreds of prototype photographs that I have in my collection. Most are my own; however, I have included credits for those that are not. It has been set up by Subdivision and in geographical order. Although I model 1960, the photos span many decades, however, many remain relevant or at least somewhat interesting.

    We are always happy to hear from folks that have access to photos that may be of interest to us. We do not use any photos for commercial purposes and respect all authorship.















  • boundary subdivision

    The Boundary Subdivision is the major focus of the layout and this set of photographs begins at Nelson (M0.0), which was the Division point and main yard, and progresses westward through the Subdivision to the end at Midway (M126.6). The railway follows the Kootenay River west from Nelson, then along the Columbia River, and then climbs above the Lower Arrow Lake and through the Christina Range of the Monashee Mountains. It descends along McRae Creek on the west side of the range, and into the Kettle River Valley where it follows the Kettle River and then the Granby River. After crossing a second summit at Eholt, it descends along the Eholt and Boundary Creeks to reconnect with the Kettle River and into Midway.

    This is the main subdivision that is modeled on my layout and each end is connected to a staging yard.

  • nelson yard

  • Nelson Shed (June 1974 by Brian Pate)

    Nelson Scale House (Aug 1994 by Scott Calvert)

    Nelson CPR Shed (Aug 1994 by Scott Calvert)

    Nelson Station (June 1974 by Brian Pate)

    Nelson Station (June 1974 by Brian Pate)

    Nelson Station (June 1974 by Brian Pate)

    Nelson Yard (June 1974 by Brian Pate)