• techniques
  • We are often asked about how we designed and/or built various aspects of the layout, so this section is intended to provide some information in that regard. Many of these practices are not necessarily my own, nor have I actually built everything myself, therefore I have tried to note credit where ever I can.

    There is also no order to how these have been presented below. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any of them in more detail, or have specific questions or thoughts.

  • May 2016 | CPR Boundary Sub
    Selkirk Express 2016 clinic - PNR Convention


    Click the Image download the presentation.

  • November 2015 | CPR Boundary Sub
    novel construction technique clinic (presented at vte 2015)

    Building a very large & complicated multi deck layout such as the CPR Boundary Sub. Version 2 can consume significant time and resources. This presentation will show us how the build crew developed and applied various techniques and methods to speed up construction while achieving an appropriate level of quality and aesthetics.

    Due to limited time for the clinic, the presentation is done at a high level, and many of the topics will be further expanded in this section of the web site in the future.

    Click the Image download the presentation.